Here are some ways how pallet racking can help store bulky materials more effectively.

In a warehouse setting, there could be different types of materials and goods. Most warehouses have to store bully materials like steel goods, bricks, concrete blocks and so on. Given the diverse needs of warehouses, pallet manufacturers in India are always looking out for ways to design racking systems that can effectively store bulky and heavy items for long.

There are plenty of storage racking solutions available for storing bulky materials and goods like floor stacking, pallet storage racks, and automated storage racks. Each of these solutions is effective in offering optimum storage space and drive efficient warehouse functioning.

So, let’s break down each of these storage solutions and find out which one will go perfect for your warehouse.

 Selective pallet rack

Selective Pallet Rack is considered the standard racking solution. The racking solution makes use of horizontal and vertical beams to store the pallets. Selective pallet rack can be used to store a variety of goods. Selective pallet rack offers direct access to the stored goods.

The most significant advantage presented by selective pallet rack is that it allows the worker to handle any pallet any direction without having to remove other goods.In terms of goods volume and weight, selective pallet rack has load flexibility.

Although selective pallet racking system if versatile, it requires a lot of aisles and space to move pallets from one place to another. Thus, it is apt for warehouses where there are no space constraints and needs faster goods movement.

 Drive-in pallet rack

As compared to Selective Pallet Rack, Drive-in pallet rack requires less warehouse space and aisle. Drive-in Pallet can save up t 75% of warehouse space which can be used to store so much more.

In drive-in racks, you can pick up a pallet through a lift truck from one side. And since it saves on aisle space, one can easily make room for more pallets. With advantages, Drive-in Rack has some minus points too. Since Drive-in pallet offers greater ease in picking pallets, it is often subjected to abuse and miss use. Besides this, there is a higher possibility of mishap due to forklift collision.

Drive through racks

A Drive through rack is very similar to the drive-in rack, but in former, pallets can be picked and put from either side. Since they are opened from back and front, they offer more flexibility in storing pallets.

Apart from the ease, it offers to access pallets, drive through racks can hold large pallets of similar goods; thus, enhancing the storage capacity of the warehouse.

Push back pallet racks

Unlike drive-through rack, push-back rack operates Last-In, First-Out format. Push back pallet is an apt choice for warehouses that need higher storage density and faster load pick up rate. Push back pallet rack offers better usage of warehouse space as it saves up to 90% of more storage space than any other storage system. Besides this, push back racks offer over 400% more versatility and higher pallet selectivity than drive-in racks.

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